Project documents:

Basic Rubric
  • A scale for what can be done with the program.
external image x-zip.png Google Earth Basic Rubric Dec 17th, 2009.docx

Advamced KML Rubric
  • A scale for using extensible markup language and keyhole modeling language for creating layers. Works with information provided in the textbook: "The KML Handbook" by Josie Wernecke
external image x-zip.png Google Earth Advanced KML Rubric Dec 12th, 2009.docx

Students are given extra credit toward their project if they record a video interview of local expert or naturalist.
external image pdf.png Guidelines for Conducting Interviews.pdf

Placemark Template Code Guide
Shows you which text to replace with you own information.

Placemark Template Code
Copy and paste this code into your placemark if you don't know how to construct your own.