Place images you need to upload for the project here. If you have a lot of images, then create a table to place them in so that there are say 5 across and however many rows you need down.

NOTE: Please do not put individual trip pictures on this page. To upload pictures from your trip, create a new page and name it "School Name + Images". Then, go to the Participating Schools page, click on Edit. Add the words Trip Images, below your name in the table. If your school is not there, feel free to add it. Then link these words with your trip images page. I have created an example from the Walker School trip.

Project icon


Project Icons with Numbers from 1-20 in a compressed folder

Bottom Banner for Placemarks


Layer Navigation Trip Buttons (Advanced Use)
These buttons are used in the Walker School layer, which is programmed with "flyTo" KML code. If programmed correctly they will allow the user to fly from one balloon to the next. They are not included in the basic layer template. If you would like to learn how to program these buttons, watch the "Google Earth Tutorial Part V - Creating Tours" webinar. You can find it under "Tutorials ".